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Lego MOC - Mcdonalds Resturant 麥當勞快餐店

It is my special lego theme! I love it very much and I have taken part in some event in HK. No techique and detailing here, but you will find lots of funny and the children smiling.

It is my real reference for this creation :
這個是今次作品的實物參考 :

You will find another my moc minfig ~ Ronald and Hamburglar XD
當然 M 記餐廳你會找到我 DIY 的麥當勞叔叔同埋漢堡神偷

And you will explore a little interesting inside the resturant...
FuNny SHoW ^.^

It is the bigger MOC cooperating with one of HK AFOL ~ Mr. Haggar ~ XDD
Yes...It named "Miami Fantasia" , which is belonged to USA Zone in the show.
My curator "hagger" will introduce this as soon XXDDDD !
這個美國展示館名叫 "Miami Fantasia" ,是和海格一起辛苦拼砌出來的。
他還新建了新車,新建築物呢~ 至於內裡的介紹,當是由雙館長 (美國館長+博物館館長) 稍後介紹

Thank you ~!

If you found the invalid picture, go here :

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