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LEGO Cockatoo Parrot

I miss my beloved Cockatoo named "Ah Po" and he accompanied me and my brother to grow. He was one of my family member. But he has passed away long time ago. We miss him very much. Now, I take the challenge of kayu builder and have idea to build as LEGO Cockatoo with using "Separator".

Builder : Alanboar Cheung
Size : 16cm (L) x 12cm(W) x 43cm(H)
Pieces : 1200 pcs
Separator : 4 pcs

My previous build was wrong for the bird feet. I made the crow one. I am great thankful and appriecate one of AFOL to point out my mistake. I respect his opinion and my pet. I modifed it as correct one, it is zygodactyl , thats mean 2 front 2 back feets for the parrot.

We miss you ! "Ah Po"

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