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LEGO Butterfly Mimicry

Once I visited Space Museum with my family and saw the show in space theatre related to topic of outstanding naturalist "Henry Walter Bates". After the show, we discussed. My son asked me the reason why Henry like to collect the butterflies in Amazons. At this moment, I had idea to build LEGO butterflies about mimicry to respect Henry's great effort for the science.

~ Batesian mimic is a sheep in wolf's clothing. ~

Henry Walter Bates, (1825-1892) was an English naturalist and explorer who gave the first scientific account of mimicry in animals, whose work on butterflies in the Amazon rainforest was pioneering in this field of study starting in 1848. When Bates arrived home in 1859 after a full eleven years, he had sent back over 14,712 species (mostly of insects) of which 8,000 were new to science. Bates wrote up his findings in his best-known work, The Naturalist on the River Amazons. Bates was one of a group of outstanding naturalist-explorers who were supporters of the theory of evolution by natural selection (Charles Darwin)

Batesian mimicry is a phenomenon whereby unprotected prey species (called "mimics") gain protection from predators by mimicking toxic or otherwise protected species (called "models"). Predators learn to avoid models based on prior experience, and subsequently avoid eating mimics due to misidentification.

看了香港太空館有關自然選擇及生物擬態的天象影院。 內容是圍繞亨利貝茲 (1825- 1892 英國博物學家和探險家) 於1848 開始到亞馬遜熱帶雨林進行探險,利用收集的蝴蝶標本,是第一個對生物擬態現象作科學解釋描述。貝茲在亞馬遜長達11年工作,於1859 年回到倫敦家裡。期間收集及傳送回英國有有超過 14,712 標本 (大部份昆蟲) , 其中發現了 8000 全新物種。他在亞馬遜 11年看到的動植物與在南美的遊歷,出版名為 The Naturalist on the River Amazon 的書。貝茲也是其中一位學者提供有力證據支持達爾文的自然選擇進化論學說。完場後,兒子問我為什麼貝茲要收集那麼多蝴蝶標本。那一刻我便想創作樂高蝴蝶標本,去讚美這一位博物學家,對自然科學作出了很大的貢獻。

貝氏擬態(Batesian mimicry,以亨利貝茲命名),一個物種擬態模仿另一個成功的物種,顯得有毒或者是無食用價值。但該擬態並不會打擊捕獵者。例如,一種透翅蛾會擬態成為黃胡蜂,但它並不能螫。但捕獵者還是會把它當成黃胡蜂迴避。例如尺蠖形態及行為與樹枝或莖相仿,藉以躲避獵食。

Builder : Alanboar Cheung
Size : 26cm (L) x 19cm(W) x 4cm(H)
Pieces : 1500 pcs

LEGO Machine gun!! :P

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