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好久沒有做小品,今次玩自殺式炸彈! 念頭來於政府高官們近期的愚蠢行為~
你有沒有這個膽量拿著?? 其實最希望是財爺曾生可以試拿,他便會知將會爆的(社會)炸彈威力!

MOC Creator Comment:
I bring my special MOC - BOMB!!!
I made it and hope that Financial Secretary (FS) of Hong Kong "John Tsang" can hold in the hand to feel the the FIRE POWER from Hong Kong citizens. It is because he made the worst worst 2011 Financial Budget of Hong Kong.

我見這個福頭真是炸死佢 <---當然是指童真的樂高世界 !

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