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LEGO Tai O 大澳

Alanboar is a very experienced brick model builder. He was invited by Tai O Heritage Hotel to visit and create a brick model base on the local fishing village Tai O, also known as "Venice of the Orient". Cheung uses nearly 20,000 pieces of bricks and spend two months' time to create this interesting scenery of Tai O. There are stilts houses and Tai O traditional Water Marriage and Dragon Boat Water Parade in the busy waterway. You can find many Tai O attractions including such as Tai O Bridge, Kwan Tai Temple, shrimp paste factory, General's Rock and Tai O Heritage Hotel on top on the mountain. With the mini figures on the street which makes this creation more attractive. Cheung also had a wonderful time with his son Ka Him while they created this model together.

作者Alanboar是位具多年豐富創作經驗的積木創作者,獲邀請製作「大澳」模型。先後參考大澳文物酒店及風土民情。大澳是帶有鄉村味、具有香港本土的漁村,被譽為東方威尼斯。作者使用積木 20000塊設計出有趣的大澳,用了兩個月時間,拼砌出具特色的水上棚屋,漁船穿梭往來,有水上婚禮喜船,也有進行游涌中的龍船。陸上設計有象徵大澳的藍色大澳橋、關帝廟,也有售賣特產的大澳蝦醬廠。遠處眺望去有令人心曠神怡的大澳文物酒店,最遠處還砌出可愛的將軍石。積木人偶扮演著大澳居民或遊客,仿似樂在其中,在大澳過著靜中帶動的著名漁村的生活。作品小部份會和兒子謙謙一起拼砌一起玩,如小漁船或人偶,也為創作者帶來寶貴的親子時間。

Builder : Alanboar Cheung, Ka Him Cheung
Size : 115cm (L) x 38cm(W) x 35cm(H)
Pieces : 20000 pcs

My Draft~!

Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade

大澳橋 (創作者一家人在橋上看著大澳美麗的海景)
Tai O Bridge (Alanboar family minifigs are visiting Tai O!)

Tai O Traditional Water Marriage

Tai O Stilts Houses

Kwan Tai Temple

Shrimp Paste Factory

Tai O General's Rock

Tai O Heritage Hotel

My son help mt to build something. It is good chance to learn and understand local fishing village heritage

I built this display to introduce our local fishing village ~ Tai O ~. It show in Tai O Heritage Hotel.

Thank you for your watching :D

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