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LEGO Nintendo Family Computer

In my childhood, I was a happy kid, parents bought Famicom console, played FC games with my brother, such as "Super Mario Brios","Zelda",DragonQuest". Now I am a big fan of retro classic and collecter of Family Computer (FC,Famicom) / Super Family Computer (SFC). I have an idea to reproduce real scale LEGO Family Computer console (reference as 1983 release model) to congrats on Famicom's 40th Anniversary.

It is interesting if we can build childhood favourite toys or items in LEGO form. In this LEGO console, you can find some memorable items:

- the LEGO console is designed as 1:1 scale according to original
- hard-wired two controllers (first & second player) with round buttons labeled "A" and "B" and cross-shaped D-pad
- the START and SELECT button is located at the first controller and the second controller lacks it, featuring a small microphone instead (remember using the mic for fun when we were kids...haha)
- a deepened D-sub expansion port on the front of the unit to accommodate special controllers (do you remember Family Basic keyboard?)
- a "Reset" button (used LEGO rubber to simulate the button hit feeling, Oh~yes, feeling is an essential part mainly for retro collections)
- a "Power" button (to simulate power on and off, including the sound "Paa" and the power-on orange line)
- an eject level, cartridge slot, cartridge flap and blue connector, (used tech bricks, shock absorber, to simulate eject lever plastic mechanism, it allows you to plug in a LEGO Famicom cartridge and plug out with sound "Ka Cha"
- a LEGO form cartridge, same scale as original, printed with classic game : "Super Mario Bros"
- simulate the back of Famicom : RF switch, TV<>Game, CH1<>CH2, AC adapter

To increase the fun factor, I reproduce classic TV (modified from LEGO set 71374) with 8bits Mario & Luigi mosaic and also designed the playable scrolling screen "Mario Level ?-4" to recapture our childhood exciting (remember playing with my father level 1-4 but quite challange for me). I modified the crank area (the orig is not smooth in fact) more flexibility to rotate the screen. I think that it will be nice attraction for kids and retro fans to gather with my Mario sculpture, my LEGO Famicom and classic TV in next brick events.

Builder : Alanboar Cheung
Size : 142cm(L) x 97cm(W) x 7cm(H)
Pieces : 1500 pcs

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