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LEGO Build the Dream Batcave (LEGO BATMAN MOVIE)

作品介紹 : 「媽媽和小朋友一齊去看蝙蝠俠英雄傳。小朋友回家後穿著了蝙蝠俠衣服興高采烈地玩耍,媽媽心愛著兒子也穿著了蝙蝠女俠陪伴。小朋友倦了睡著了....原來他發夢了,是一個關於他的夢幻 Batcave,內裡色彩繽紛。他正扮演蝙蝠俠,穿著不同 Batman Suit 去打敗壞旦呢 ! 媽媽看著兒子睡得很甜,很滿足地共渡他們美好的時光。」這是一個概念積木作品,希望經過作品中拼砌的蝙蝠俠洞及媽媽兒子的故事,喚起大家對家庭溫馨的感覺。

It is the lovely story about the boy and his mother. The boy is exciting and happy after enjoy the movie "LEGO BATMAN". He play batman toys at home, wear the small batman suits. Her mother wear the batgirl suit too and play with him as well. Finally, the boy is tired to fall asleep. He make the dream. The dream is wondelful and amazing, He is going be a real batman and living in his fantastic Batcave. He change his suit in "Wall of batman suit" against the evil with his friend Robin & Batgirl... In other side, the mother look at her son's face, to accompany him until he fall asleep. Son is real batman in her heart, the parent will try the best to provide the comfortable batcave for their child.

Builder : Alanboar Cheung
Size : 40cm (L) x 30cm(W) x 50cm(H)
Pieces : 3000 pcs

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Creator : Alanboar

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